Colony Counter "IRIS" ai powered

Meet Iris! We’d like to introduce you to Iris. In recent months, we have been working on our AI-driven colony counter, called Iris. Iris is a newly developed automatic colony counter that uses artificial intelligence (deep neural network technology) to quickly count colonies grown in Petri dishes of different sizes. Totally designed, created, programmed and build “in house” at AAA Lab Equipment B.V. New Colony Counter "IRIS" - AAA Lab Equipment B.V.

Always a solution

As a precision technical company, PK Machinebouw BV realises all automation solutions internally. We offer robust solutions with a high degree of automation and lots of flexibility. We do this in close consultation with the customer.

dilution plating machine

PK Machinebouw's dilution plating machine.

We designed a dilution plating machine, fully drawn in 3D, self-produced the components, assembled, tested and delivered it.A project in cooperation with the microbiological laboratory of SGS Netherlands.