P.K. Machinebouw was founded on the first of August, 1990 by Peter Krul as a one-man company in a rented place. Right at the start, the decision was taken to purchase new machines.Producing high-performance and high-precision equipment in single numbers or small series has always been our goal. In recent years we build a number of very special machines, but unfortunately many clients do not give us permission to built these machines for others or advertise them. From the very start we deliberately opted to work in a small team to be able to guarantee our high quality level. We build complete machines in our own workshop and work with 3 to 3 FTEs from 3D design through final assembly and installation. Staying small is not always easy, we learned the hard way. In 2003 it turned out that our planned purchase of the premises we worked was not possible and we needed to hurry in order to find another location. Fortunately, we were able to purchase a location close to the previous one. In 2005 our daughters laid the first stone and in May of 2006 we moved into our new premises. Pictures can be found under the "Photographs" section on this website.

An advantage of the new construction is that all our wishes could be realised. An example is that we now have a reinforced floor that is not integrally connected with the building, because we have opted for our own fundament. Another thing is that the mirrored facade is painted in the colour we wanted.

Always a solution

As a precision technical company, PK Machinebouw BV realises all automation solutions internally. We offer robust solutions with a high degree of automation and lots of flexibility. We do this in close consultation with the customer.

dilution plating machine

PK Machinebouw's dilution plating machine.

We designed a dilution plating machine, fully drawn in 3D, self-produced the components, assembled, tested and delivered it.A project in cooperation with the microbiological laboratory of SGS Netherlands.